Tony Pearson - breathing new life to old music!

I have played musical instruments since I was given a Descant Recorder on my 7th. birthday, that was in 1952. As time has passed, I have grown older and the instruments have grown larger!

Since that time I have also played the Piano and latterly Electric Keyboards and Bass Guitar in various bands. I have always used any musical ability I might have to entertain other people.

A few years ago, I made a conscious decision to go back to my Early Music roots. I now also offer the English Great Pipe (Bagpipes) and Pipe & Tabor for 'heritage' type events and play keyboard in and arrange for a 1920s style band.

The links (to the right of this page) give details of my musical activities. If ever you are running a function where you think that anything I do might be appropriate, please contact me.

Tony Pearson
Ely Road

01353 688275
Tony Pearson